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Title: Playtime
[livejournal.com profile] vlbuehle 
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: girl!Sam/Gabriel
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1,800
Disclaimer: Sadly, still not mine and even more sadly, no pay for this.
Summary: From [livejournal.com profile] spnwomen_kink Gender Bender Round 2, a prompt asking for Gabriel/Samantha, he watches her fuck herself with a dildo and then fucks her himself.
A/N:  PWP.  Without any hint of a plot.  I am ridiculously pleased by this.  Unbetaed, so concrit is more than welcome.

Sam waved Dean off and slipped into her hotel room, silently blessing her brother for mercifully agreeing to singles tonight. Granted, he’d only done it because he was planning on picking up some hot chick tonight, but she wasn’t about to argue when it worked into her plans so beautifully. She wanted to get laid; she was ovulating with the accompanying sensitivity, and she really, really wanted a good, hard fuck. But she wasn’t stupid enough to pick up her own one-night stand in the bar down the road: she wasn’t about to risk pregnancy or STDs, thanks anyway. Not when she had a perfectly good solution stuffed at the bottom of her duffle, tucked neatly away inside the tampons box Dean religiously avoided.

Smirking, she locked the door, adding salt to the threshold and sigils to the walls automatically before she dropped her duffle and stretched out the kinks of a long day on the road. A shower first, clean herself off, and then she’d dig out her toy and have her fun.

She took her time, reveling in the feel of the water pounding the lingering ache from her muscles and sliding down her skin. She opened her bottle of soap and lathered herself, then set the washcloth aside and ran her hands over her slick skin, breath catching as she kneaded her breasts, warmth spiraling lazily through her. God, that felt good. She rubbed the warm, rough cloth gently between her legs, moaning softly at the feel of it. It’d been too damn long.

Time to get out and she shampooed quickly, rinsed without further fanfare, and dried herself roughly. She left one towel puddle on the bathroom floor as she padded, naked, into the room, rubbing her hair dry as she did. She dropped that towel too and knelt to sort through her bag until she found the dildo she was looking for. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a simple black plastic cock of a decent size, but it was exactly what she wanted tonight. Sam sprawled on the bed, fingers sliding down to the wet slit between her legs. She rubbed lazily across her folds before she arrowed in on the hard bump of her clit, groaning softly as she stroked herself. God, that felt good. She rubbed harder as heat burst in the pit of her stomach, body tensing as her hips began to rise and fall, and then shuddered as climax burst through her. The quickie had taken the edge off, and she reached for the dildo, spreading her legs wide as she used the toy to probe between her legs, seeking her entrance. She was soaked from her orgasm, but tight too, and her breath stopped entirely as she worked it in before sagging back to the bed, breathing hard again as her arousal surged. God it felt good to have something in her, stretching sensitized tissue wide. Sam gave herself a minute to get used to the feeling before she began to work the dildo out again, then pushed it back in. She fell into an easy rhythm as her body accommodated itself to the intrusion, relaxing into the pleasure sweeping through her. Almost, almost…her free hand found her clit, worked it gently, and she cried out as she came, clamping down hard on the toy.

She sagged in the afterglow, muscles limp and warm, smile curving her lips. Eventually she’d have to get up, have to clean the dildo and put it away, but right now she was just going to savor.

It lasted about thirty seconds.

“Now that was hot, Sammy.”

Her eyes snapped open, hand reaching for the knife stashed beneath her pillow before she swore, cheeks going crimson as she switched mid-grab for the sheets instead. 

“Gabriel,” she hissed, scrambling to cover herself and then yelping as the dildo shifted. Oh, hell. “What are you doing here?”

He watched her intently, none of the usual humor or mockery about him. “Been awhile, figured I’d drop in to say hi to my favorite Winchester.” His eyes flashed gold so fast she nearly missed it. “Didn’t expect the show, but I’m not complaining.”

She’d missed the tell-tale flutter of wings, which meant he’d probably gotten a good eyeful. Fuck. And of all the angels to catch her, too; it just had to be the one with the recurring role in her wet dreams, didn’t it?

Sam had been drawn to him the moment they’d met, when she’d thought him a simple janitor. She’d been hoping to take him to her bed, but his tricks had derailed that plan fast. Finding out what he was had caused an utterly atypical pang to course through her, and he’d been the first monster she’d grieved for. Even through the anguish of watching Dean die a hundred different ways, she’d felt a flash of relief when she’d realized who was behind it, and she’d begged him as she’d never begged before or since. 

She wanted him so badly she could taste it, but she wasn’t a fool and her relationships tended to end in death or worse. The last time she’d gone for the supernatural, she’d unleashed Hell on Earth and she wasn’t going to go there again. She couldn’t stand being Gabriel’s plaything.

There was only one thing to do, and that was bluff it out. He had a wicked sense of humor, and maybe turning this into a joke would work. “Let me guess, you think I should star in my own porno and you’re willing to help out.” She paused for a beat. “Guess it’s one way to earn some honest dough.”

His eyes flashed gold again. “Try it and I’ll kill everyone who lays eyes on you.”

He…was serious. She froze, instinct overriding everything else as she fought not to cower in the face of a predator. “Gabriel?”

“You’re mine,” he growled, stalking forward. Stalking her. “You’ve always been mine, Sammy.”

She blinked, three years suddenly rewriting themselves. Courting her, in the pagan fashion with blood and death. Flirting and taunting like a boy pulling a girl’s pigtails. Oh, holy hell. She was an idiot.

“Yes, you are,” Gabriel agreed, and she gave him a bitchface because he didn’t have to rub it in.

"I waited," he told her, eyes burning.  "I waited for you to notice me, Sammy.  But you didn't, and I'm sick of waiting."

She blinked, thoroughly taken aback.  She was the planner, the strategist who never went into anything blind, but she'd never seen this coming and it left her dazed and reeling in the aftermath, because who'd have thought Gabriel would want her?

He wasn't waiting around for it to sink in; a snap and he was over her, pressing her down into the mattress, only the scratchy sheets and his boxers separating them.  She couldn't think--but she didn't have to, her body answering for her as her legs shifted, knees coming up to cradle his hips.  This was stupid and it'd end with her nursing a broken heart--but right now, she didn't give a shit.  She wanted him, she'd wanted him for years, and for once she was going to take what she wanted and to hell with the consequences.  They could hardly be worse than what she'd already faced, after all.

"I'm sick of waiting too," she told him, fisting her hand in the curls at the nape of his neck and yanking his head down for a deep, sweet kiss.  The dildo was gone, Gabriel alone knew where, and the sheet was quickly worked away.  He kissed her like he'd never kissed before, like she was the only thing in the universe that mattered to him, and it sent a sweet, schmoopy feeling twisting through her heart, the idea that she could matter so much to anyone, much less him.

"No angst," he scolded, pulling away to stare down at her.  His hair was disheveled and messy from her fingers tunneling through it and he was flushed and breathing hard, a rare sight for him.  He was beautiful, and she said as much.  He stared down at her, eyes a warm gold and she could feel the power filling the room, power her mortal eyes couldn't see. 

For a moment they simply stared into each other's eyes, angel and mortal.  Later, she'd never know who broke the tableau, but it didn't matter; long fingers trailed down her skin, heat shimmering in their wake.  She yanked the boxers off him with more speed than grace, and his contortions to kick them off made them both sputter with laughter that shifted right back into hunger.  He kneaded her breasts until she arched into his hands, and she sucked his nipples until he groaned, weight bearing her down into the mattress and his cock a tantalizing pressure that made her cry out in mingled arousal and frustration.  She was already wet and damn near dripping as his fingers slid into her, working her wider, coaxing already swollen and sensitive tissue apart.  Sam reached down, running gentle fingers over the head of his cock to gather up the precum beading at the tip, then stroked the moisture down him, tightening her fist around him as his breath caught.  His head dropped, a heavy weight on her shoulder as he thumbed her clit, adding a third finger to work her open.

"Enough," she gasped, shuddering as her stomach tightened, heat spreading through her in ripples that heralded the explosion of pleasure to come.  "Gabriel, please.  I want you in me."

She didn't need to ask twice.  He planted his hands, shifted his hips, and pushed into her in a long, steady thrust.  She cried out, arching under him because her dildo wasn't as long, as thick, as searingly hot as the cock splitting her in two, and God did it feel wonderful. 

He gave them both a minute to adjust, and then he was moving, pulling out slowly, shoving back in every bit as deliberately, rotating his hips until her choked, gasping cry told him he'd found the spot he was looking for--and then he put his hips into it, taking her fast and hard.  She clamped down in playful retribution, her body rippling along his cock and he jerked, eyes squeezing shut for a second as he fought for control.  They teased each other higher and faster until he hit that spot deep inside one last time and she came hard, clenching on him in a series of contractions, her own juices splattering down his cock to soak her thighs so thoroughly for a moment her dazed brain thought she'd pissed herself.  Her climax set Gabriel's off and he came, searing heat shooting deep inside her as his cock jerked repeatedly, tensing over in a series of short, deep thrusts that only added to her own orgasm.

She shivered with aftershocks, panting and sticky with sweat, the room blurry around her.  Gabriel didn't look all that much better; he was breathing nearly as hard as she, and his Grace burned in his eyes.  He wrapped his arms around her and rolled, leaving her splayed and limp atop him, one hand rubbing possessively up and down her spine. 

"So, Sammy," he murmured.  "Ever thought about pegging?"



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